500 years ago a race of spacefaring fire giants known as The Ignas Angorum came to this planet and conquered. Before the invasion Plucharum Mundi was a rich world typical of classic fantasy tradition. Ruled by ancient elves with expanding human empires and scattered kingdoms of Dwarves and Gnomes. But none were ready for the overwhelming power of the Ignas Angorum and their armies of Azur and Salamanders. With the power of fire at their command they all but scorched the planet for one hundred years. Terraforming it with volcanoes and sulfur. The elven empire of Egladoris was the hardest hit.


Egladoris was the strongest nation of Pluchaum Mundi. It was the home of an ancient elvan race that lead the world in magic, military might and all aspects of civilization and culture. The Ignas Angoraum took Egladoris for their own and enslaved the elven race. Their fire lords were on the brink of launching it’s final invasion of the rest of the Plucharum Mundi when the elves made a last ditch effort to reclaim their land and drive out the invaders.

They opened a portal to hell and commanded Asmodeus himself to liberate them. Asmodeus did the bidding of his summoners but tricked the Elves and took power after the Ignas Angorum were driven from the planet. The Elves simply traded one master for another.

Asmodeus himself and all demons being unable to stay on the Prime Material Plane for too long was unable to rule his new kingdom himself so he bred and army of Teifling subjects to rule in his stead and do his bidding. The new hierarchy renamed the land Daemonium Terrum and the infernal court has been in power ever since.


The invasion of the Ignas Angorum destabilized the world throwing into chaos. The global economy plummeted and suddenly nations and kingdoms found themselves alone in the world. The evils of the world grew in power and kingdoms fell giving way to new global powers. Gorgamore an Orc nation and Cobolurum a Hobgoblin nation rose to the global stage of power.


Driving out human and elvan hosts from what they called their ancestral homeland. Three kingdoms of Humans, Gnomes, and Dwarves joined together forming the Lucem Facemdus Order of Nations.

Infernus Terra

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